• Affiliation

         Advanced Technology Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japan)

  • Field of Expertise

         Instrumentation in Physics/Astronomy

  • Current/Past Contributions

         NINJA for Subaru Telescope
         Cryo-Chain Test for ESA/Core Technology Program
         IRMS for TMT
         MOIRCS for Subaru Telescope | MOS

  • Archives

         2021-         NINJA works at ATC, NAOJ
         2016-2021 Space-Cryogenics works at ISAS, JAXA
         2014-2016 LNS works at LNS, Tohoku University
         2011-2014 KAGRA works at ICRR, The University of Tokyo
         2010-2011 TMT/IRMS study at University of California, Riverside
         2008-2010 MOIRCS and WISH works at Tohoku University
         2006-2007 NIR Instrument Proposal for TMT
         2003-2007 JELT study
         2006-2008 Instrument Group at Subaru Telescope
         1999-2008 Subaru/MOIRCS works at Subaru Telescope

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