APS Lite ver.1
8/8/2006 Tokoku

* The system was tested independently from MOIRCS.
  ( Just connect the inlet part to the outlet part. The tank switcher was also connected. )
* The system could reach 10E-1 Torr vacuum ( Between NC1 and NC2 ) with a scroll pump.
* The system worked with a pressure (and temperature) of 50 psi flow of liquid nitrogen.
  (1) Power failure mode ( All power off. ) -> Confirmed that a 10-psi relief valve works ( releases inner pressure ).
      Performance of a 50-psi relief valve was not confirmed, but it might be ok. 
      (because it is outside of a delicate pipe line system. We will test it again later.)
      Max differential pressure of the NC(1-3) valve is 150 psi. That of NO valve is 135 psi.
  (2) After (1), energized only NC3 valve and started pumping. Pressure reached about 30 Torr in 3 min with a scroll pump.
      This is not so good vacuum, but enough to secure the safety of the system.

Liquid nitrogen tank swetcher

Inlet Part ( NC1 + 50psi relief valve )

Outlet Part ( NC2, NC3, NO1 and 10 psi cryogenic relief valve )