Characteristic features of LN2

Feb. 26, 2003

Boiling Temp 77.35 K @1atm
76.67 K @0.92atm(Tucson)
73.00 K @0.58atm(Maunakea)
Liquid Density 0.808 kg/L @77K
Specific heat of Liquid 2.042 J/gK @77K
Specific heat of Gas 1.072 J/gK @100K
1.046 J/gK @200K
1.041 J/gK @300K
Latent Heat Evaporative latent heat @boiling temp 199.1 kJ/kg
Sensible Heat from boiling temp to 300K 233.8 kJ/kg
Consumption for metal cooling
    Target Temperature 77K
    Initial Temperature 300K
----Latent Heat Only
Aluminum1.0 L/kg
Stainless0.53 L/kg
Copper0.46 L/kg

----Latent Heat + Sensible Heat
Aluminum0.63 L/kg
Stainless0.33 L/kg
Copper0.28 L/kg
Total Energy
from gas -> evapolate -> 300K gas
437 J/g
Empirically Estimated Steam Pressure Log(P)=6.49594-255.821/(T-66.600)
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity gas (273K, 1atm) 24×10-3 W/mK
gas (@boiling temp) 7.5×10-3 W/mK
liquid (@boiling temp) 139.8×10-3 W/mK
Cost @Hilo (as of 2003) $2/L

Reference : Cryogenic Handobook(Japanese) + GNIRS Technical Report